Short-film of fiction, 2013, 11 min.
Director: Julie Gauthier
Photo director: Benoît Ouellet
Actors: Yvon Barrette, Steven Lee Potvin, Mathieu Barrette, Jocelyn Pelletier, Marie-Chantal Therrien.

Distributor: Tapis Rouge Films

Festival "Vues dans la tête de..." - Rivière-du-Loup, Canada
DC Shorts Film Festival - Washington, USA


Aimé has owned Videodep for 35 years, both video-club and convenience store. Every day is like the last, bringing parasite customers who exchange banalities at the counter, between the movies and chip bags. One morning, the customers discover Aimé, a hunting rifle under his chin, threathening to commit suicide. Faced with this possible tragedy, they try to help Aimé, like to protect themselves against the void of his departure, thinking more about the loss of a point of reference than the death of a friend. Maxime, Aimé’s son, decides to use choc therapy to bring his father back to life.

Official Selection DC Shorts Film Festival