Documentary, 2016, 60 minutes
Director: Jean-François Aubé
Producer: Evelyne Lafleur Guy
Director of photography: Duane Cabot et Jean-François Aubé
Photography credit: Marius Jomphe

Diffusion: Telus MaCommunauté (2016), ICI Radio-Canada Est-du-Québec (2017)

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2017
Festival « Vues sur mer » - Gaspé, Canada 2017
Festival « Livres et mer de Concarneau » - France 2017


Through the eyes of photographer Marius Jomphe, of four Gaspé historians and of several contemporary stranded men, Le Pays des naufrages paints a historical and poetic portrait of Gaspé, a city "at the end of the world" which preserves its essence through the ages: Where the sea is always a dizziness, its nature a mystery, and where shipwreck remains a mode of settlement.

A few words about the film...

Le Pays des naufrages is both an author and a historical documentary. It presents a different and authentic vision of the Gaspé peninsula, too often subjugated to touristic imagery, by carrying the voices of those who live and are rooted here. The history of Gaspé is inseparable from its topography, its proximity to the sea, its reefs, its mist and its immense bay set with mountains that constitute a natural refuge. In Gaspé, territory and nature do not just participate in the writing of history; they are the principal narrators. This is a film about the genius of a place; a place which, as photographer Marius Jomphe says, "consoles us for life and helps us to tame time".

Le Pays des naufrages
Le Pays des naufrages