Documentary, 2019, 48 minutes
Director, scriptwriter: Julien Boisvert
Producer: Evelyne Lafleur Guy
Director of photography: Josué Bertolino
Original music: Antoine Létourneau-Berger
Diffusion: ICI Radio-Canada Est-du-Québec, ICI Radio-Canada and TV5MONDE

Watch the documentary here:


A journey to meet these people who defy bodily standards and celebrate diversity.

In our era of universal communications, idealized images of more or less standardized “ideal bodies” are continuously relayed to us all on nearly all media platforms. As millions of people strive to achieve the omnipresent beauty standards, others question this standardization and celebrate the diversity of human bodies and physical appearance: Naturists who propose to return to a natural relation to physical appearance by “letting go” and refusing to tightly manage their bodily image; queers and feminists who challenge gender stereotypes; people with disabilities who claim their uniqueness not as unfortunates or disabled, but rather as normal members of a diverse society and “curvy” women who expose their “non-standard” beauties in the spotlight of admiring spectators... “Overcoming Image” proposes to join in: To overcome image, to be simply ourselves, in all our diversity; and most of all, to accept and to love who we really are!

With the participation of:

Julie Proulx, Arnaud Beauchamp, Laurence Caron-Castonguay, Anastasia Marcelin, Laurence Parent, Mélanie Richer, Vanessa Ruest-Vignola, Michel Vaïs

Photo Credit: Josué Bertolino