Short documentary, 2012, 27 min.
Director: Stéphane Lahoud
Production: Evelyne Lafleur Guy and Johanne Bergeron (ONF)
Photo director: Geoffroy Beauchemin

Distributor: ONF

Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2012
Les Percéides Festival 2013
St-Séverin Film Festival 2013
Québec City Film Festival 2013


The universes of the artist Joseph Kieffer and the ice fishermen of Rimouski are very different one from the other. Nonetheless, in this cold country, a connection is made. Having come from France on Caravansérail’s invitation, Kieffer offered them a deal based on sharing: in exchange for one of their stories, he would offer them a weather vane, custom-made for their fishing cabins and inspired by their stories.

This project resembles the people who are at its root: charming, human and tender. Maybe it’s the magical effect of the ice field that forms itself every winter on the St.- Lawrence River where ritually, these fishermen come back to? This place where the silence becomes a source of serenity and where cultures come together to better combat the cold. La Banquise, through the eyes of those who inhabit it, takes us straight to the heart of this invented community, warm and ephemeral.

Sur la Banquise
Sur la Banquise